Friday, 29 November 2013


Mireia, Carla and me, last month, we did a oral presentation about the types of weddings. We tried this topic because we like to know something more about this. 


PRESENTATION (10%): We used a prezi where we put things that it helped us. In that we put a video about a typical Korean's wedding. Also, we put photos and vocabulary about it.  The presentation lastet more and less 15 minuts.    Mark: 10%

BODY LANGUAGE & EYE CONTACT(10%): I think that sometimes I watched the audience, but I saw a lot the prezi and also Mieia and Carla. I read some things that I didn't remember, but not a lot.   Mark: 8%

STRUCTURE (10%): First we began with a introducction of the weddings, then we started to the more important types of weddings around the world and each of this we explained each of that. Mark: 10%

CONTENT (40%): We introduce new ideas to the audience and we explain all detailed and it was clear to understand.  Mark: 30%

LANGUAGE (20%): There was rich vocabulary, we used sentence linkers and also we used a lot of fillers.  Mark: 15%

PRONUNCIATION (10%): I knew how to pronounce all the words, but when I was in front of my classmates, I talk very fast and I don't know to pronounce. I spoke in a fluid continuum nut sometimes I had problems. Mark: 5% 

I think that I did quite good but I have to improve more to do a very good oral presentation and I have to lose my shame. 
My mark for my is: 7'8.


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