Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I did an oral presentation about my reserch project did it in the first term of bachilor. It was about taxes and I choose this topic because I thing that it is a current topic in the society.

Presentation: I use a prezi to have support in the presentation and for be more interesting, because I know that this topic is not very interesting. Mark: 9
Body language and eye contact: sometimes I whatch to the paper, because I was very nervous. Mark: 6
Structure: I think that I organizated all the information well and I think that I explain all well. Mark: 8
Language: this is a topic with a lot of technicals words, so it was hard to pronouced well. But, I tried. Mark: 7
Presentation & intonation: I have problems with the pronunciation because there were a lot of technical words. Mark:7

The final mark of my reserch project for my point of view is a 7,4.

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